Low T3症候群 [医学関連]


UpToDate "Thyroid function in nonthyroidal illness"からです。日本語にすれば「非甲状腺疾患における甲状腺機能」です。
 Despite these abnormalities, treatment of these patients with thyroid hormone, while controversial, appears to be of little benefit, and may be harmful [2]. It is possible that the changes in thyroid function during severe illness are protective in that they prevent excessive tissue catabolism.

 The majority of hospitalized patients have low serum triiodothyronine (T3) concentrations, as do some outpatients who are ill (figure 1). Unlike T4, which is produced solely within the thyroid, 80 percent of circulating T3 is produced by the peripheral 5'-deiodination of T4 to T3, a reaction catalyzed by 5'-monodeiodinases (D1 and D2) in organs such as muscle, liver, and kidney (figure 2). 5'-monodeiodination decreases whenever caloric intake is low and in any nonthyroidal illness, even mild illness


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